The first edition of the The Norwegian Media Art Library (under the title The Temporary Library of Norwegian Media Art) was produced and launched for the 5th Trondheim International Biennale for Art and Technology – Meta.Morf and it consisted of 103 printed publications, released between 1992 and 2018. The first edition was curated by Alessandro Ludovico (concept author of the “Temporary Library”), Stahl Stenslie (NO), and Zane Cerpina (NO/LV).

The project was initially created as a “Temporary Library” – an initiative by Alessandro Ludovico. Each edition has a particular focus, such as The Temporary Library for Transmediale, 2017 (Berlin, Germany), The Temporary Library of Latin American Media Art for ISEA, 2017 (Manizales, Colombia) and The Temporary Library of Portuguese Media Art for xCoAx, 2017 (Lisbon, Portugal).

During Meta.Morf 2018, The Norwegian Media Art Library was accompanied by The Temporary Laboratory – an exhibition and event series in collaboration with MFA Students of Trondheim Academy of Fine Art / NTNU, coordinated by Michelle Teran (CA). Contributors included: Anaclara Talento Acosta, Letizia Balzi, Katherine Butcher, Mika Haykowsky, Álvaro Hortal Muñoz, Lisa Paland, Martin Grøndalen Palmer, Kasper Holm, Pablo Sarabia Fraile.


Alessandro Ludovico (IT)
:is a researcher, artist and chief editor of Neural magazine since 1993. He received his Ph.D. degree in English and Media from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge (UK). He is Associate Professor at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. He has published and edited several books, and has lectured worldwide. He also served as an advisor for the Documenta 12’s Magazine Project. He is one of the authors of the award-winning Hacking Monopolism trilogy of artworks (Google Will Eat Itself, Amazon Noir, Face to Facebook). He has developed the Temporary Library concept, co-creating temporary libraries on media art in Berlin, Manizales and Lisbon.

Zane Cerpina (NO/LV)
:is Oslo based artist, curator, organizer and publisher working within experimental new media and electronic arts. Zane currently works as project manager and curator at TEKS (Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre), editor and manager at EE: Experimental Emerging Art. From 2015 – 2020 she also workes as creative manager and editor at PNEK (Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway). Her writing and editorial work include the ongoing publication series: The PNEK FILES (2015- ) and editorial work of the upcoming Book of Electronic Arts Norway. She has also written for Neural Magazine.
Zane is internationally active as a lecturer and presenter at venues such as: Kontejner (Croatia 2019), ISEA (International Symposium of Electronic Arts (Vancouver 2015, Hong Kong 2016, Manizales 2017), V2_ (the Netherlands, 2016), STRAND (Serbia 2016), LABVERDE (Brazil 2017), UK, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, etc.

Stahl Stenslie (NO)
:works as an artist, curator and researcher specializing in experimental media art, interactive experiences and disruptive technologies. His artworks challenge ordinary ways of perceiving the world. Through his practice, he asks the questions we tend to avoid – or where the answers lie in the shadows of existence. Keywords of his practice are somaesthetics, unstable media, transgression and the numinous. The technological focus in his works is on the art of the recently possible – such as i) panhaptic communication on Smartphones, ii) somatic and immersive soundspaces, and iii) open source, disruptive design for disruptive technologies. His PhD is on Touch and Technologies from The School of Architecture and Design, Oslo, Norway. Currently he works as the Head of Research and Development Department at Kulturtanken – Arts for Young Audiences Norway. He is editor of the upcoming publication Electronic Art in Norway (2018).

TEKS – Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre – is a non-profit organisation founded in Trondheim in 2002. The organisation is a resource and competence centre that aims to produce and convey techno related art projects within all art disciplines.
TEKS initiates and organises artistic productions and projects, works with promotion and education through courses and workshops, and acts as organiser or co-organiser of various techno related cultural initiatives.
TEKS is the founder and organiser of Meta. Morf, the Trondheim international biennale for art & technology.
TEKS is funded by the Arts Council Norway and the Trondheim Municipality.
TEKS is a member of PNEK – Production Network for Electronic Arts Norway.